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Tweed Area, Hastings County Ontario

Lean Ground Beef Meatballs

Grassfed Beef

Ground Beef: $10.00 lb! Roasts & steaks also available.

Fresh raw, unpasteurized honey

Fresh Honey

Delightful raw, unpasteurized honey fresh from our farm.

Pastured Pork

Pastured Tamworth pork is second to none.

Our family farm name, GreenGate Heritage Farm, hints at the approach our family takes in growing healthy, locally-grown vegetables and foods for our community. In an era of big ag and mass-produced food, we deliberately embrace traditional, ethical methods of sustainable food production. Taste the difference!

We offer 18 weeks of weekly or bi-weekly CSA baskets through the produce season, and sell farmgate vegetables and meats—grass-fed Dexter beef and pasture-raised heritage pork. (All items are in limited quantities, relative to demand, so we recommend checking availability.)


Beef & Greens on Plate


The food on your plate matters in so many ways

We believe its time to rethink our food. And that most of the solutions for healthy eating and lifestyles have deep roots in tradition. In an era when immune-deficiencies, obesity and new viruses are endemic, at least part of our answer lies in our diet.

While big ag is wrestling crops from an increasingly troubled land, then shipping products around the world, it’s up to everyday people like you and us to find a different way of thinking and living. And eating!

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