Values & Vision

Health. Stewardship. Community.

Thinking About Food

Over our years of living and growing our food, we realize more and more that who we have become is very intertwined with how we farm. If you’re not interested in the why behind the how and just want good food, you may certainly skip this page. At the same time, we’re happy to share for those who care. There are three simple words that speak volumes about our values…


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The modern diet has been built around the assumption that industrialized food can be artificially grown or lab-developed, then sold in a grocery store with an all-contents-covered nutrition label. While this model may sustain agri-business and food chains, it doesn’t do so well at sustaining health, and our societies are paying a multi-generational price. Modern diseases and modern behavioral issues in children have become epidemic, not to mention chronic immunity deficiencies. Our collective experience as guinea pigs for this diet is showing its high costs.

Previous generations may have been wiser, understanding that our food was meant to be our medicine. Food should be healing, not toxic; it should be nourishing, not debilitating. And it should be wholesomely good! 

Our goal is to offer food that works for your body and well-being, rather than against it. This begins with what species we choose and how we grow them—without a toxic brew of chemicals. It involves how we feed the soil, because the soil feeds us. And it’s certainly connected to the as-fresh-as-possible approach to picking and getting your food favourites to you.


The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it.

We don’t think of ourselves so much as owners of land, but as stewards of the land. From our Christian perspective, all belongs to God and our calling is to be good caretakers. 

This means we work toward long-term sustainability, not merely for short term productivity. Each year, we try our very hardest to leave the land better than we began. This also means we evaluate modern innovations through the lens of God’s timeless created order.

Good stewardship of God’s resources results in human flourishing, the exact opposite of greed. Where His order is followed; generally speaking, people thrive.


Food ties us to our community and traditions

Throughout history, healthy community has usually had healthy food nearby. Today, food community happens all too seldom around the table, or near the garden, and all too often in the mad rush of the supermarket.

The local food movement has brought the focus closer home again, and this is good for thriving community. We envision the food we raise as participating in this restoration, whether it’s at our door or in your kitchen.

We’re delighted to see our neighbors growing and sharing food, along with us. We’re cheering for your garden, and view our role as being the backyard garden for those who cannot grow their own.

With that, a long-term vision of our little farm has been to help provide healthy food for lower-income groups who struggle to afford it. For instance, if you miss a CSA basket, we send that basket or the equivalent to food banks or others who need it. If you’re aware of specific needs and would like to discuss how we could partner to meet them, by all means drop us a line!

Whether its in your garden or ours; community is bound to show up somewhere close to where good food grows!